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Little Circle Camp
Gather ‘round the fire, campers and get ready for a different kind of chills as we share ghost stories long into the night.
  • - Find a place to gather around a fire (a video fireplace works, too!)
  • - Lower the lights
  • - Share your favorite spooky story
  • - OR Make up a new ghost story

Camp Director Lonnie’s Tip: if you make up new ghost stories based on the past year, it helps bring that darkness into the light so we can chase it away! Do you have any negativity from this year hanging around? Share it as a scary story and release it into the winter night!

Did You Know?
Telling ghost stories around the fire is actually a very old Christmas tradition. Sharing spooky tales near a cozy hearth was a popular way to come together during the darkest, coldest time of the year.