Camp Christmas 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same thing as last year’s Camp Christmas?

The creator is the same, but the experience is very different for 2020 (much like everything else during this pandemic).

Since we can’t gather together in-person this year, this is a brand new reimagining with safety in mind. It is part-digital, part-physical with materials shipped to your home. The digital experience features an entirely new, imaginary, illustrated world for you to explore online. The physical experience provides materials to help you complete the activities in the digital world. Hopefully, this brings some of the fun, education, and whimsy you experienced at Camp Christmas last year in a brand new way.

Will Camp Christmas return as an in-person experience in 2021?

We have no way of knowing what state this virus and safety protocols will be in a year from now. If you have a crystal ball, please lend it to us!

Who is this meant for? Kids? Adults?

Anyone and everyone is welcome at Camp Christmas! The materials and activities can be enjoyed by one adult, couples, friends, or a whole family. Most of the at-home activities are best done with adult supervision (baking cookies, building a gingerbread house, lighting candles). The Celebration box contains a cocktail kit, but no alcohol. The web app contains text and videos and some navigation that may require adult assistance for younger children.

Is there an age minimum for kids?

Camp  Christmas is ideal for children in the first grade or older. Bundles are designed for independent creation but families can work together to assure success for everyone of any age. Please note safety warnings and assist younger campers with advanced instructions. 

How do I access the digital parts of Camp Christmas?

Everything takes place at You do not need to download anything to access, but you do need to pay for Base Camp first. The online experience is designed for web browsers, so you can visit on a computer, a tablet, or a phone.

The online experience will go live on November 20th. At that time, anyone who has purchased access can visit virtual Camp Christmas any time they’d like through January 5 by creating an account and using codes to unlock additional content that comes with each box. From December 1 – 24, there will be daily broadcasts on the web app that you can watch, so visit often!

What if I need more materials in order for my whole family to take part?

We offer add-on materials at checkout for certain items you may want extras of, rather than having to buy more than one box. For example, the Gift Giving box comes with two Christmas crackers and you can add more if you want everyone in your group to have one.

When will I receive my materials?

Our first batch will ship on November 18th – anyone who purchases before this date can expect to receive their box before Thanksgiving. Boxes can continue to be ordered and shipped up until December 18, so we can ensure you get it by Christmas.

What kind of safety protocols are you following for the boxes?

Staff will be getting temperature checks and will be wearing masks and gloves while boxes are packed. Packing dates will be marked on the boxes. Materials and products come from many places around the world. We are unable to provide complete allergen information.

Can I just partake in the digital OR shipped parts of this experience?

You definitely can! Our lowest-priced entry point is Base Camp which gives you access to most of the online experience and comes with a Camp Christmas map and other materials that we mail to you. Every box you purchase comes with Base Camp PLUS additional parts of the online experience, including tutorials for how to use the supplies in the box

Can I gift Camp Christmas to someone else?

Absolutely! How very kind of you! Just provide their name and mailing address at checkout.

Is Camp Christmas available for big groups or corporate events?

If you are interested in group gift sales or corporate virtual events, please contact us at

What should I know about accessibility and language?

The Camp Christmas team passionately wants everyone to have the opportunity to experience and enjoy camp this holiday season. We are excited to work with each camper to make their camp experience fully accessible and meaningful to them. Please contact to request specific accessibility services or other accommodations

All text in the digital experience will be live text and any images with text in them will have alt tags for readability. This allows all text to be accessible for auto translations via browsers and text reader plugins. Videos will be hosted on YouTube, which offers automatic same-language and translated captioning options.

Is Camp Christmas religious?

Camp Christmas is not religious. It is a wholly unique and completely secular experience that is intended to celebrate the ways we celebrate. It does not include nativity scenes, angels or other religious iconography. It does include trees, ornaments, animals, as well as content and activities that educate about the secular history and traditions of how Christmas is and has been celebrated for hundreds of years.

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