Base Camp


Mailed Starter Kit – Shipping Included

The smell of fragrant fir trees and lively peppermint greet you long before you see the sign by the side of the road: Welcome to Camp Christmas! You’ve arrived, Christmas Camper, and Base Camp is your gateway to holiday magic and adventure.

When you sign up for the Base Camp Adventure, you’ll receive a welcome package straight from Camp Director Lonnie, with everything you’ll need to check into your very own Christmas Cabin: a welcome letter, camp map, and membership card. What else will you pack?

From Base Camp, you can explore the campgrounds via our website, receive daily dispatches from Camp Director Lonnie and share your artsy achievements with our online Camper community. Campers of all ages will delight in the magic of the holiday, delivered straight to your very own Christmas Cabin.

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Base Camp Adventure includes:

  • A Welcome Letter
  • Map of Camp Christmas
  • Membership Card
  • Access to the Camp Christmas Base Camp website
  • Daily Dispatches from Camp Director Lonnie, from December 1-December 24th.

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