Decorations Adventure Bundle


Glitter? Check. Tinsel? Check? Beads? Check! Christmas Campers don’t mess around when it comes to their decorations, and the glittery gaiety of Camp Christmas is truly a sight to behold on a winter evening. The Ornament Grove teems with bright baubles, a putz village nestles cozily under the tree at the Camp Christmas Lodge, and a red and green pennant garland flies high over Big Circle Camp.

When you join the Decoration Adventure, Camp Director Lonnie sends a box full of ornamental accoutrement straight to your Christmas Cabin. As you pry open the package, you see a mix of completed decorations and D.I.T. Kits (“Do It Together”): a Victorian Ornament Kit, a Modern Ornament Kit, and a kit to make your very own putz Christmas Cabin.

This adventure bundle also gives you early access to online content from Camp Director Lonnie, including “D.I.T.” (“Do It Together”) crafting tutorials and artistically-inspired activities that celebrate the dazzle of decorations throughout the years.

Instructions are included online, but how you share your holiday flair is truly up to you. Where will your Christmas creativity lead, Campers?

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Decorations Adventure includes:

  • Full access to Decorations digital content
  • Metal Tinsel Packet
  • Jar of Beads
  • Stringing Material, Needle, Cut and Make Pennant
  • Tinsel Wire
  • 3 Glitter Jars and 1 Mica Jar
  • White Glue
  • Paper Mache Castings (Set of 5)
  • Various Cottons
  • Crepe Paper Streamers
  • Ribbon
  • Putz House Kit (Including: House Shapes, Trees, Moss, Trims)
  • Victorian Ornament Kit (Including:Glitter Stems, Dresden Trims and Scrap)
  • Modern Ornament Kit: (Including: Plastic Ornament, Laser Cut)
  • Base Camp Package

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