Full Set of Camp Adventures


Including Base Camp & All Adventure Bundles

There’s a certain kind of Christmas Camper that wants to live each day to its festive fullest and Carpe diem Nativitatis Domini (Seize the Christmas Day). This kind of camper won’t stop exploring until they’ve inspected every bauble in the Ornament collection, met every Fairy at Fairy Falls, and taken that perfect sunset photo atop the Double Snowflake Ferris Wheel.

If you’re the kind of camper that needs to experience it all, then you just might be up for tackling the Full Set of Camp Adventures! Camp Director Lonnie has combined all five Camp Christmas Adventures—Base Camp, Light, Decorations, Celebration, Sweets and Gifts—into the ultimate Camp Christmas Experience.

Campers who choose the Full Set of Camp Adventures receive the contents of all our bundles, as well as early access to all of the exclusive adventure content on our website. Join Camp Director Lonnie as he leads “D.I.T.” (“Do It Together”) tutorial videos for all the adventure activities—crafting, sweets-making, decorating, and more!—and shares some of the secrets behind the making of Camp Christmas. Ring in the season with full access to festive fun!

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Full Set of Camp Adventures includes:

  • Base Camp Adventure
  • Lights Adventure
  • Decorations Adventure
  • Celebration Adventure
  • Sweets Adventure
  • Gifts Adventure

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