Gifts Adventure Bundle


Brightly wrapped packages await you under the Christmas Tree, their silver ribbons curling merrily atop the festive wrapping paper. You check every name tag to see which present belongs to which Christmas Camper, and by the time you’ve matched all the glittering gifts to their excited recipients, there is only one package left.

It’s a small box, wrapped in red striped paper topped with an enormous white bow and the name tag has your name on it. You reach to pull the curled end of the ribbon but hesitate, wondering if what’s inside could possibly outdo the beautiful outside of this elegantly wrapped little gift.

Christmas Campers who join the Gifts Adventure know it’s better to give than receive… and the only thing better than giving is giving something wrapped with love. Camp Director Lonnie can’t do your holiday shopping for you, but he can share artistic and authentic ways to create and wrap holiday gifts in seasonal style. On this adventure, campers are provided with a plethora of materials—paper mache castings, glitter, glue, fancy tags, and more—to make their gift giving traditions even more magical and precious.

When you open your Gifts Adventure, you also unlock access to special Gifts content on our website. Join Camp Director Lonnie online as he leads D.I.T. (“Do It Together”) gift-wrapping tutorials, shares his favorite ways to make your presents sparkle this holiday season.

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Gifts Adventure includes:

  • Full access to Gifts digital content
  • 5 small boxes
  • 1 Sheet of Gift Tags
  • Stickers
  • 1 Mica jar
  • 3 Glitter jars
  • 1 Bottle of Glue
  • Sheet of Wrapping Paper
  • Cut Scrap
  • 5 Paper Mache’ Castings
  • Various Ribbons
  • Cords and Tinsel Wire
  • Crepe Papers
  • Crepe Paper Streamers
  • Bandana
  • 2 Crackers
  • Base Camp Package
  • Stocking Kit

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