Light Adventure Bundle


The glow of a yule log. The flicker of candles. The merry twinkle of fairy lights. Nothing brightens the dark days of winter like a little illumination.

The Light Adventure begins at the Light House Archive, where you’ll be whisked back to the days of Christmas Past, when the very first Christmas Campers gathered round the hearth to swap stories and commune with comrades during the longest nights of the year. From candlelight to the very first electric bulbs to modern LEDs, this adventure encourages campers of all ages to explore the ways we brighten up the holidays, and how we all let our own light shine.

When you embark on this adventure, you’ll not only receive a curated care-package from Camp, but also get early access to special Light Adventure content on our website. Join Camp Director Lonnie online as he leads D.I.T. (“Do It Together”) craft tutorials, demonstrates awesome activities, and shares the special Camp Christmas way of celebrating the season!

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Light Adventure includes:

  • Full access to Light digital content
  • 1 Colored LED Light Set
  • 3 Greeting Cards with envelopes
  • Camp Mirror
  • Taper Candle (5 1/2 ” tall)
  • Glass Votive and Votive Candle
  • Mini Mirror Ball
  • Stick of Chalk
  • Pamphlet
  • Vintage Bulb Kit: (bulb and Scrap)
  • 2 Puzzles
  • The Base Camp Package

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